End of the first Atlanta Food & Wine Festival

Just finished working the first AFWF as one of the main managers at the Loews Hotel where all the seminars were being held.  It was a a crazy busy weekend and now I am very tired. Matter fact last night I just sat on the bed and 4 back episodes of the West Wing.   As hard as I worked it was great getting to meet a bunch of celebrity chef’s and seeing some new food. A special Halla – goes to Norman Van Aken, Michelle Bernstein who is super nice, Kevin Gillespie, Warren Brown of Cake Love and of course it is always a treat to see Kevin and Kent Rathbun. But the person who I have to stand up and salute is Gena Berry. She was the kitchen manager who was in charge of all the craziness of 65 chef’s coming in and out over the weekend.  It was amazing seeing her in action.  I really wanted to attend the food bloggers session today but was trying to get moved out so we could go to the tasting tents. The food bloggers session went over by 30 minutes so it is a good sign of trends to come.  The other item is I could see how many people were signed up for classes which also tells me what trends people are enjoying.

The most popular classes were the chocolate class, cheese classes, Italian Wine and Tasting Blind.  But there was so much good to choose from that I feel they will have a great turn out for next year. I sincerely hope that I get to be part of this great happening.

I am too pooped and reinspired to dive back into culinary.

That is my story for now and I will be sticking to it.


  1. Shalise Wrobel says

    As a volunteer, it was great working with you and being a part of your team Friday through Sunday.


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