What I learned from catering to queens

I am late (again) with writing this morsel because I just got done doing the food for the Miss California USA beauty pageant. The first thing that should come to everyone’s mind is this question: What am I doing feeding girls that are participating in a beauty contest?! Those girls don’t eat. Well, my dear readers, you are SO WRONG! Boy, do they ever eat! And a lot, at that.

The location was a theater in Palm Springs, Calif., where we were able to bring in whomever we wished to do the catering. In order to preserve costs, I hired several companies. Here is a list of the more popular ones and my experience:

  • Subway.  I needed 400 box meals for lunch, and I couldn’t get anyone to return a phone call. I called the corporate office and was told the individual franchise decides if it wants the business. Apparently not, because no one would speak to me at any of several stores.
  • Jason’s Deli.  Fantastic! They couldn’t have been more cooperative, although their wrap sandwich was as skinny as the girls.
  • Albertson’s Grocery Store.  A good job overall, but if anyone goes this route pay close attention to the bread and ask to do a tasting on the sandwich. We got a lot of value here, but the sandwich was a little off.

What are some of the other items I fed the girls? Lots of soup and salad. Chili is good because of the protein; no carbs after lunchtime.

For the night of the contest, I gave them as low-cal snack pack from a company that I have come to adore. It is called gopicnic.com. It is a marvelous snack pack with a wide assortment of foods beautifully presented. If any of you folks are in a situation where you need such a bite for your off-premise activity, give Go Picnics a try.

This is my low-fat story for now, and I’m sticking to it!

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