A Success in Switzerland

Back home after 10 very productive days in Switzerland.  My aircraft simulation client told me to knock it out of the park and I have done just that for him.  Was busy with two exhibits and 2 VIP dinners.  Was able to go to the Grizzly and eat twice which is an all time favorite in Geneva.  This summer is exceptionally quiet so I guess I am going to be forced to start working on my bucket list projects.

CAE wanted their exhibit to be more technology forward.  We set up a Technology Station that included 2 large monitors that were flush with the wall and obviously wireless keyboard and mouse. Also we purchased 3 iPads that were attached to bistro tables.  I worked with their web division and we designed a microsite that gave people all the information that they needed for the show.  What surprised me is that people really used the iPads. Much more than our competitors because we had them attached to the tables. Our competition had them on stands using their iPads as product descriptions and this way of displaying it wasn’t user friendly as being on a bistro table where you are sitting down and leisurely going through the information. What I learned is ours is definitely the better way to go. I designed their meeting space using glass tables instead of wood grain tables. They actually didn’t get as messy as I thought they would. And I did the meeting rooms in black instead of wood grain. Although the black shows everything it was more technology forward and we were still able to keep it warm through use of lighting.

For their customer dinner I booked a 5 star hotel’s private dining space.

Amuse – since the company is from Canada

Salmon on Bellini & Smoked Duck Breat with Maple Glaze and Mashed Potato in a Shot Glass

Appetizer – Lobster Spaghetti with Lobster Medallions on a Bed of Lobster Hash Sauteed in a Lemon Grass Sauce

Sorbet – Cherry Sorbet

Entree – Filet Mignon with Micro Garden Veggies

Dessert – Sticky Toffee Pudding on a bed Of Roasted Pineapple Mint Salad

Chocolate and Candies Served with Coffee



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