Food for thought

I love cliche’s. I think it is because on a culinary perspective it opens up  a door for me to do what I want.  Think about it.

Rub it in – for a bbq station

It’s a wrap on the last day of a conference

Sparkling conversations for a starter of champagne or another sparkling drink

Happy endings for dessert

Spicy – for an Asian station

Waffling around – for a dessert that is inspired by waffle cones and waffles. Served with mini squeeze bottles so people could finish it out themselves.

That is what is on my to do list is to design a menu around cliche’s  – The title of the dinner would be called “A Cheeky Affair”

Then when the course is served it would have what the specifics of the dish are – also part of the take home would be pieces from the evening.

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