July 14, 2012 – My farm fresh day.

Today was a great day spent with friends. My friends Jackie, Janine and I got up and decided to spend the morning at a blueberry farm. Jackie was a real sport as we ended up or she ended up driving an additional 25 minutes. We thought we would go to a farm in mind but they were closed so off we went down the road. This farm was beautiful they had rows and rows of blueberries. I found out today that I never really tasted a blueberry. The ones you get in the store are nothing compared to right off the vine. Amazing. I was the slowest picker of the group and 6.25 pounds later we called it a morning. Which was good because morning was actually over and we were all hungry for lunch. Let’s face it BB’s are a good snack but it wasn’t filling up this belly. The gal on the farm was also selling the neighbor’s potatoes for .50 a pound. They were little red potatoes that he dug up that morning.

Lunch wasn’t bad. We went to Eat -N- Park a local chain in Western, PA. I got buffalo chicken mac and cheese. They had one of the better macs as it was creamy and didn’t dry out. After lunch we saw a farmer selling sweet corn out of the back of his truck. I fell in love with this farmer as he was so passionate about his product. It was picked fresh this morning. We all bought some and turned out it was sweeter than sweet.

This is my farm fresh story for now and I will be sticking to it.

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