My love for Farm Fresh

I am sitting in Pittsburgh Airport waiting for my flight back to Atlanta. One of the things I am going to miss most is the true innocence of the farmers foods for sale at the towns ragtag farmers market twice a week. Ironically their market is located in the parking lot of one of the towns grocery stores.

Atlanta boasts several nice farmers markets but to me nothing compares to the markets in a farming community. These farmers don’t know anything about farm to table. Farm to table is a given not something they strive for in their every day life. While home in Kittanning I was able to go pick blueberries twice, eat the most amazing peaches and buy corn from a stand that operates off an honor system. Oh and the jelly which was from a country couple who has the blackberry patch in her own back yard. Jackie said she would never make jelly if she didn’t know where the fruit was coming from. Now is that food integrity or what. I take my hat off to all the farmers in Western, PA who once again have reminded me what simple, good food is all about. As Delta heads south just know my heart and my stomach will be up north in your country communities. Biting into an ear of corn just isn’t going to be the same.

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