Learn to ask the question H20

Since bottle water costs can be a large portion of a coffee break meeting planners are turning more to using water-coolers. Using a water cooler served a variety of purposes. One they are cheaper and two more green friendly. A new choice we are seeing reading on banqueting menus are fruit and/or cucumber mint. Personally, I love water with cucumber in it. Nothing tastes fresher to me. So this takes me back to the menus and this added choice. I am planning an event for a client that has this water with fruit garnish on their banqueting menus. The cost of this is $50.00++ per gallon. That sounded a high so I went back and asked if we could do this for $50.00 per 3 gallons. The agreeable hotel came back and said sure no problem. It was at this time a light bulb went off. This water is filtered of course? RIGHT?? WRONG! It was tap water that they were adding cut up fruit. My point is in banqueting we are seeing this more and more so learn to ask the questions and then go in an negotiate price points accordingly.
This is my watered down story for now and I am going to be sticking to it.


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