Going to the butcher

Today I had a great time going to the butcher with CL. It makes me long for the days that one had to go to a green grocer and a butcher all separate. CL told me in Paris and major cities that you go to several different butchers. One for beef another for pork etc. It is definitely a lot art. Haus House does what all responsible butchers are doing today and that is using the whole animal. Intestines, brains and all. Now there are some parts I do have to walk away but have respect that they are all getting used.

Chris at any given time has over 100 items available in his shop. He makes all his own meats and sausages. He gave us tastes of several of his salamis and smoked meats and it was all delicious. He butchers every Wed and Thur with a viewing window for those who are die hard. He buys from four local farms on just his beef. He is part of Georgia Organics and part of his mission statement of the business is to be engaged in community activities to bring awareness and hopefully assist with bringing more farmers into the business so he has choices on who to do business with. His butchers shop is certified USDA which is not easily handed out. He has to maintain the restrictions to get that type of honor. If you walk into his store and it isn’t swamped not to worry. He isn’t open to the public in order to survive he is opened as a courtesy for those who love red meat as much as he does. The majority of his customers are wholesale restaurants that run the gamut of lower to the majority of the highest end in Atlanta. Because he supplies so many people i found it useful to find out what chefs are where and the culinary comings and goings of the chef. It turned out to be quite the gossip house. Because it services so many hotels he knows who is where which turns out to be quite helpful when deciding where to go eat your next meal.

This is my story for now and I am going to be sticking to it.

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