What about the customer

This is a subject that I write about a lot in my Monthly Morsel and it happened again today and so I am going to blog about it. The content is what about the guest. Today and my food critic friend went to review a restaurant that has some very hip food. The owner takes a lot of pride in his food and suggested that we try his chicken salad. He proudly tells us that he smokes the bird himself and sells quite a bit of it every day. You will love it he promises us. My critic friend isn’t a fan of chicken salad and politely passes. I, on the other hand, while not fan of chicken salad was intrigued with the smoked bird I decided to step of the curb and order the sandwich. This is happened next. This huge sandwich arrives that is about three inches thick. It is on a thick sliced white bread and when I pick it up to eat it the entire thing falls apart. The chicken is in huge chunks that is impossible to eat. As my friend is happily munching on her sandwich I am annoyed about the direction I chose. The owner comes over and happily asks us how are we enjoying our food. The critic lightly tells him my sandwich is impossible to eat. He readily agrees and says it is a knife and fork sandwich. The problem is I don’t want a knife and fork sandwich. I want a normally sandwich. That is what I ordered a sandwich that I can eat like a sandwich. It is chicken salad for goodness sake. So here is the moral of the story – keep your customers in mind. This choice of presentation was driven by he thought it would be kool to serve it that way. What is kool isn’t necessarily in alignment with reality. Focus on executing reality it will win over kool every time.

That is my story for now and I am sticking to it.

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