F&B Seminars

This service is one of the most important services offered. It came via request of clients and the Atlanta MPI Chapter – one of the largest in the country. Rx for Catering, LLC will come to you and do a food and beverage training seminar that is guaranteed to save you money. It is filled with time tested tips that your staff can start using immediately.

How This Works

We customize the seminar to what they needs are of your planning staff. The seminar is filled with interactive case studies of actual menus and pictures of the good, bad and trendy of culinary. We go through the entire culinary medicine cabinet. The seminar does work best if it is a minimal of 2 – 3 hours. I also offer to sit with your staff and take them through a menu tasting to educate them on what to look for visually as well as taste and service.

Below is a sampling of the various topics that can be presented. If you would like to add anything special, please ask and we will work with you.

  • Current Culinary Styles
  • Room Flow/Event Layout
  • Beverage Controls
  • Managing Costs On-Site
  • Inexpensive Décor
  • Creative Coffee Breaks
  • Theming and Event Messaging
  • Menu Negotiation Tips
  • Working In Harmony With The Chef
  • Working Overseas
  • Utilizing Trends

Sampling of companies who have used this service:

US Motivation
Honeywell International Meetings Department
The Coca-Cola Company Strategic Events Department
Atlanta Chapter of MPI
Southeast Regional Chapter of MPI
Plan Your Meetings Magazine