Frequently Asked Questions


Where is Rx for Catering located?

The corporate headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia but we work all over the world. To date we have worked in Australia, Brazil, China, Dubai, England, France, Holland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and throughout the United States.

What type of food functions and events do you handle?

Any type of food and beverage requirement needed; we have experience in executing. This includes:

  • Award winning customer hospitalities
  • Exhibitor food services for conventions
  • Any type of meeting
  • Press events

Sizes range from 10 people to 8,000 for planning, negotiation and execution.

What makes you different from other planning services?

Rx for Catering, LLC contracts staff on an as needed basis.

  • Our staff works with each client to brainstorm and customize each event to the customer’s satisfaction.
  • We have a solid work history in working hotels, convention centers and off-premise facilities. We know how the behind the scenes work ~ so we can work with the contracted venue staff in tandem or offer creative solutions as needed.
  • In today’s economy we can make creative suggestions that will help cut down on your budget and maximize the dollars that you are spending.
  • We also have a list of recommended vendors who can handle ancillary requirements.
  • Rx for Catering, LLC has vast experience working internationally as well as domestically for all size groups.

How do you handle staffing?

Rx for Catering, LLC contracts staff on an as needed basis. This allows us to:

  • Keep our overhead down on the day-to-day running of the business.
  • Always bring the best person for the job on site.

The staff with whom we contract will have several years experience in the area for which they are hired. We feel this tailoring of staff gives our clients the best value for their money as our staff will know how to troubleshoot many areas that the client need not worry.

What size events do you handle?

Rx for Catering, LLC has designed menus and negotiated catering for groups ranging from 10 to 8000 people. This includes all aspects of menu planning, room design, event flow, décor, entertainment in addition to other client specifics.

How should I determine Linen Sizing for my Event?

Click here for our handy linen sizing guide.