Exhibit Management

Rx for Events International is experienced in managing and designing exhibits from corporate chalets to anchor size exhibits to tabletop displays. We can arrange for all show services, graphics, shipping, drayage, installation/dismantling and budget management.  Our staff works to the hours and culture of our global customer base. Rx for Events International has a large network of reliable vendors worldwide that can fulfill the job requirements in a trade show/events environment.

Exhibit Refurbishment

Need an exhibit refurbished or touched up? Allow us the opportunity, and we will exceed your company’s expectations with designing a fresh/updated look within budget.  Our staff will give you options and strategies to tie your entire booth/trade show together resulting in a cohesive transition.  To help budget we charge a project rate so all vendor invoices are actual charges.

New Exhibit and RFP Management

Rx for Events International has the experience with writing RFP’s and managing the new construction through activation.

Benefits of Outsourcing RFP Management

  • Exhibit staffs are so busy this process allows them to engage as needed but doesn’t pull them away from the overloaded schedules.
  • A third party isn’t as emotionally involved with current vendors resulting in all participants feeling as if they have an even playing field.
  • Rx is excellent at negotiation skills, and we will look at this harder as we aren’t running an exhibit program and give recommendations on various costs to ensure proper use of spend.
  • We allow contributing RFP companies to contact us as much as they want with questions in order for them to design a better RFP.
  • We guarantee that we will save your 50% or more of our fees in cost savings by using our company.
  • Our staff works a variety of industry shows so this allows us to stay current on exhibit trends, technology, social media, designs and costs.

Getting Started

  • We begin by understanding what is currently being done, learning about the company, and working together on the end result goals.
  • Survey a variety of staff, get their opinion on  exhibit elements and strategies that they feel is needed for them to be successful in a trade show environment.
  • Discuss what ROI and how we gauge this with new property.
  • Discuss budget and “must have” elements that need to be included in the new property.
  • Understand show schedule, storage, shipment, and current move in/out schedules of first tier shows.
  • How many different size footprints does the new exhibit need to accommodate?
  • This is a sampling of the process we use to collect the information to write an RFP.  The goal is to design best exhibit for the dollar to maximize the booth content.

Going Global

Rx for Events International has managed exhibits in the following countries.

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Throughout Canada
  • Dubai
  • England
  • France
  • Mexico
  • Singapore
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey
  • Throughout the United States.